Gustavo Alva


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Cybernetics and Computer Systems Engineering in Mexico, Gustavo worked as a software developer for the Mexican stock exchange. There he saw the practical benefits of project management for engineering projects. With the support of his manager, Gustavo started searching for a Master’s in Science that provides the knowledge and skills which would help him to take on project management roles. The Master’s in Management of Technology (MOT) of TU Delft matched what Gustavo was looking for and offered even more. "The experience at TU Delft has been one of the greatest adventures in my life so far. The amount of activities at the university is endless. Being on the course is a great experience as it combines highly qualified teachers, business games carefully developed to improve students’ understanding of the topics and demanding but gratifying activities. All of these make the programme extremely diverse and interesting. Team work is supervised by teachers and offers a unique multicultural experience". After graduating in the Netherlands, Gustavo returned to Mexico. He was soon hired as a project manager for special projects by CONAGUA (Mexico’s National Water Commission, responsible for water infrastructure development and management). The main part of his work is the Tunel Emisor Oriente (TEO), which will play a major role in protecting over 1 million people at the east of Mexico City from flooding. The TEO is a sewage tunnel that will be even longer than the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland: 62 km long, nearly 9 metres in diameter and 150 metres deep. It represents an investment of over 1 billion euros. "My preparation at MOT certainly drives my day-to-day work. The courses that I took in Delft are vital when you work in a technical project with several stakeholders with complex relations between them: leadership, negotiation, conflict management, finance and project management are all resources that you call upon. The analytical skills I developed during the MOT programme combined with my computer systems background have proven to be a powerful mix that helps me provide infrastructure decision-makers of my country with clear-cut executive reports based on huge amounts of technical data. I discovered that it is in the ability to connect the technical operation with the world of management that the MOT programme released my potential".

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Expanding Mexico City's sewer system - (Business 360, Quest Means Business) - 27 januari 2011