International Opportunities

It’s possible to do an academic research project or a three-month internship abroad. Be aware, however, that if you do your academic research project outside of the Nanobiology programme, you will have to do your internship inside the programme.

Conversely, if you do your internship outside of the programme, you will have to do your academic research project inside the programme.

Of course, going abroad means you will need to arrange many things. Start doing so early!

Recent internships

  • CANTRIP: Cas12a activated nuclease poly-t reporter illuminating particles computational platform development for box H/ACA snoRNA-based RNA editing system
  • Faster, cheaper, better - a plate reader-basedbarrier integrity assay for the organoplate
  • Greenhouse climate model with thermal screens
  • Preventive inflammatory bowel disease proposal
  • Optimising the barrier integrity assay in the organoplate
  • The use of SERS as rapid diagnostic technique for SARS-COV-2