Related Research

Graduation projects can be done at both TU Delft and Erasmus MC, creating a very broad spectrum of possibilities, from theoretical physics to biomedicine.

Some examples of recent graduation projects are:

  • Spacer Integration into CRISPR Locus by Cas1-Cas2 Complex in type II-A
  • Exploring the 3D landscape of cellular membranes
  • Pattern formation of surface bound proteins
  • Coupling of elastic sheets to curvature inducing fields in cylindrical geometry
  • Identification of trans-acting factors that regulate alternative cleavage by DROSHA
  • Assembly of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical strains and comparative analysis of PE and PPE proteins using long-read sequencing data
  • Synchronicity and patterning in the olivo-cerebellar and cerebello-cortical loops
  • Development of a new batch correction method for scRNA-seq analysis
  • Computer-assisted diagnosis of earlystage lung adenocarcinoma