Bottom Founded Structures

Even today, the majority of new structures built in the sea are of this type. Their most common form is a steel truss structure supported by hollow steel piles driven into place just after the structure has been installed on the sea bed. There are a few thousand of these structures already in use around the world in water depths of up to about 500 meters.

A relatively new activity is the development of a single steel monopile structure to support wind turbines placed in offshore wind farms. Although these structures usually are of modest proportions, their design is just as challenging.

The courses of this specialisation are:

Bottom Founded Structures

This course brings together knowledge from supporting courses for the design of a fixed, bottom founded offshore structure.
OE4651 / 6 ECTS / Digital Study Guide

Structural Dynamics

This course prepares participants to carry out dynamic response computations on structures that have distributed masses.
CT4140 / 4 ECTS / Digital Study Guide

Finite Element Methods

This course enhances students the understanding of FEM calculations by some exercises.
WB1217 / 1 ECTS / Digital Study Guide

Offshore Soil Mechanics

This course is to prepare participants for offshore geotechnical problems by applying and extending one’s basic knowledge of soil mechanics for common problems - such as cyclically loaded piles - encountered in offshore applications.
OE4624 / 3 ECTS / Digital Study Guide