Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore renewable energy plays a significant role in contributing to the energy transition. The ocean offers a vast and untapped potential for energy generation from the marine environment - including offshore wind, tidal, wave, floating solar and ocean thermal energy. Technological advances and innovation are required to reduce lifetime costs of the energy generated and raise the competitiveness of ocean energy technologies  with respect to traditional fossil fuel solutions. The offshore renewable energy specialization includes courses in Offshore Wind Farm Design, Offshore Wind Support Structures and Drive & Energy Systems.

Offshore Wind Farm Design - 4ECTS

The course is designed to make students familiar with the different aspects involved in the design of an offshore wind farm. The topics addressed include environmental load and soil modelling, turbine technology, wind farm economics, environmental impact, installation and maintenance logistics, electrical infrastructure, layout design, cable installation, and support structure design.

Offshore Wind Support Structures - 4ECTS

During this course the students  will have the chance to execute a complete design loop, from the preliminary design, through the concept selection towards the detailed design. Specific attention is paid to the naturally frequency assessment, the extreme load analysis and the fatigue design. Emphasis is put on the relevance of the design basis.

Drive & Energy Systems - 3ECTS

This course gives students an overview of different types of electrical systems and electrical machines (DC, synchronous, PM, induction) and drives. It includes the basics of electricity and magnetism necessary to develop the understanding of these machines.

Structural Dynamics - 4ECTS

The goal of this course is to introduce various dynamic models of structures and to acquaint the students with the main ideas and methods of structural dynamics. The course prepares students to carry out dynamic response computations on structures that have distributed masses.