New Developments in Offshore & Dredging Engineering

New Developments in the Offshore Engineering Industry has led to growing interest in ocean energy technology. Due to this ever-growing industry, the Ocean Energy Platform was created within the TU Delft community. In collaboration with the Ocean Energy Platform, the Educational director of the Offshore & Dredging Engineering master, is working on the implementation of ocean energy technology.

Since 2009 students have regularly been writing their masters thesis in research and development of Ocean Energy Technology. Some examples of previous projects can be seen below:

·        S. Soekhoe: Hydrodynamic interaction of an offshore floating support structure and tidal energy converter

·        S. van der Drift: Fresh water production through dehumidification utilizing Ocean Thermal Energy

·        N. C. de Groot: Tidal power in the Klabat bay, Indonesia: An application of the SEPAM design methodology

More examples of previous master thesis projects can be seen here. 

The current opportunities within Offshore & Dredging Engineering masters program are, a long list of elective courses and the possibility to do the masters thesis in the area of ocean energy technology. A list of currently available msc thesis topics can be seen here. 

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