Last enrollment in September 2022

This MSc track combines Communication Design for Innovation courses with courses in a science & technology subject related to your Bachelor’s programme, and allows you to tailor the programme to your own interests. The communication part of the programme comprises of courses that offer relevant theoretical knowledge, skills and insights in the field of science communication, including science journalism, high-tech marketing, psychology and sociology of collaboration. The main part of the programme is focused on bridging between science, technology and society through design. These courses will help you to bring science, technology, organisation and innovation management together in a real innovation practice and attune this process to the 21st century skilled professionals in collaborative networks.

The science & technology part will enrich and broaden your knowledge of a scientific or technological discipline. You will deepen your knowledge of and skills in a subject that is directly related to your Bachelor’s programme by taking courses at a Master’s level.

The programme is described in detail in the study guide.

Communication Design for Innovation core courses

For more information about the Communication Design for Innovation courses, please see our digital study programme and online study guide.

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