Track: Teacher training / Science Education


Degree: Master of Science in Science Education and Communication 

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months

Type: Regular study programme

Mode: Full-time

Start: September and February

Language of instruction: Dutch (English in the Science and technology component)

Have you ever considered teaching your favourite subject at the secondary school level? Are you intrigued by the challenge of introducing secondary school students to the foundations of the natural sciences? Could you feel fulfilled knowing that you launched young students on the path to careers in science?

TU Delft offers the Science Education track for those who are looking for personal fulfilment by sharing their enthusiasm for science with young people. A career in teaching (or at the very least, the option to move into education) is open to those students who follow this track.

Graduates of the programme are qualified to teach one of four subjects in upper secondary education:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Research and Design

Combining the Science Education track with another Master’s programme

The Science Education Track can be followed as a standard Master’s programme following completion of a Bachelor’s degree. It can also be combined with a Master’s in a field related to one of the academic subjects mentioned above as part of a double degree programme. Students who have already completed a non-related Master’s programme can also continue their studies and earn a second Master’s in Science Education. In that case, they will be required to achieve adequate command of the relevant academic subjects.

What you will learn

Teachers in upper secondary education have a thorough knowledge of a selected field of science as well as specific teacher competencies. They are qualified to teach in the higher HAVO and VWO classes.

Only available in Dutch

As this programme prepares to teach in the Dutch educational system, the working language is Dutch. Only students who speak, write and understand Dutch fluently are eligible for the Teacher Education programme. Accordingly, further information about the Education programme is only available in Dutch.