Built environment & Spatial development

The long lifespan of buildings and the shortage of available land in Western countries necessitate sustainable and flexible solutions for our spatial planning and built environment. The B&S track focuses on the development or redevelopment of the built environment as, for example, the realisation of new urban areas, city centre renewal and the design of regional development strategies.

Topics considered within this track include strategies for improving existing urban areas and coping with conflicting interests and pressures on land; sustainability in urban and regional development; the financial viability of land development, and the design of concepts for innovative land use management and development. The challenge is to arrive at socio-technical designs for spatial development that will meet the requirements for decades.

Thesis projects

A wide range of graduation projects are possible within the university or in close cooperation with a company or governmental agency. There are also opportunities to work in a research environment, including TU Delft’s OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment.