The core of the SEPAM programme is directly linked to the mission of the Faculty of TPM. Many courses are informed by insights from ongoing research and recently published papers. Furthermore, a large number of graduates specialise in one of the related research domains and contribute to some part of the research. The following research programmes are directly related to the MSc:

Multi-Actor Systems: Analysis, Design and Management

The programme's mission is to contribute to the resolution of these types of complex, multi-actor decision and management problems by developing and testing innovative concepts and theories, design guidelines and supporting methodologies and tools. This research is used in the very foundation of the SEPAM programme.

Design and Management of Infrastructures

This research programme aims to develop a generic framework for understanding and steering infrastructure development, enabling users to learn systematically from experiences in other sectors. This research directly contributes to the technology domain specialisation of the SEPAM programme.

Reflection on Technology

Here, the focus is on the consideration of the social environment and the implications of design. This research theme contributes to the course SPM4115 (Ethical Aspects of Design and Management).