Portfolio requirements

For admission to the MSc programme Strategic Product Design, applicants must send a portfolio of design projects. This is one of the most important aspects of the application.

The portfolio should consist of at least 3 and at most 8 design projects. At least one project should describe the product design process, from the beginning through intermediate sketches to a final concept in its entirety.

Quality is more important than quantity. The portfolio should show design visualisation, project management and research skills. It should provide a broad overview of your design project experiences and your personal interests. Applicants are recommended to include design projects with a clear link to the MSc Strategic Product Design.

Project documentation

For each project:

  • Mention the project title, your name and provide information on when and where the project was conducted.
  • For each project the applicant should provide clear information on the design problem and the final objectives of the design project.
  • The applicant should be clear about the role he or she conducted in case the project was teamwork.
  • The applicant should indicate the nature of the assignment: e.g. a class assignment, a professional assignment or a personal project
  • Year or semester of your study in which the project was carried out
  • Name of the supervisor of the project

Please keep in mind that the Selection Committee judges your individual skills. In general, individual projects show your capacities better than group work. Your portfolio ideally shows a good mix of individual and team work.

Applicants are recommended to include examples of their animation, video and other media skills in their portfolio. Please include an online link (e.g. youtube or vimeo) in your PDF portfolio.

Size of the portfolio

  1. The portfolio should be uploaded in pdf format and not exceed 20 MB.
  2. The number of pages should not exceed 30.
  3. The size of the pages should not exceed A4
  4. Landscape format is preferred.