Robust and flexible smart grids effectively coordinate energy supply and demand in a dynamic way. This enables electricity from solar cells or wind farms to be incorporated within the distribution network or biogas to be introduced locally within the gas network. Smart grids also provide the flexibility needed to deal with or stimulate changes in the market and regulation, such as product innovation, privatisation and internationalisation.

At TU Delft, we adapt energy networks to work with sustainable energy supplies that tend to involve local generation, fluctuating supply and increasingly coordinated and integrated systems. Our researchers focus on the development of new technology, such as measurement and control technology, logarithms and smart meters. They also model system evolution and scenario studies, enabling decision-makers to make the right choices when it comes to market intervention, making investments, setting tariffs, amending legislation and regulations and ethical aspects.

Master thesis

The following research groups offer graduation projects in the power profile:

  • Electrical Sustainable Energy/DC Systems, Energy Conversion & Storage (Electrical Engineering);
  • Electrical Sustainable Energy/Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (Electrical Engineering)

Examples of Graduation Projects

  • Demand Response and Storage Operation in DC Distribution Grids
  • Comparison of AC and DC Interconnection in an Office Building with PV and EVs
  • Architecture of Integrated PV-Battery Module: modeling, simulation, and comparison
  • Cyber-security of electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Reliability Assessment of offshore Multi-energy Hub


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