Related Research

During your graduation project or your industrial internship, you will work within a research group related to your area of interest. This research will often be focused on an ongoing research theme within the group and you will have access to outstanding research facilities. Alternatively, you may work on a project in close cooperation with a company on a specific research theme of interest to that company.

Recent research

Examples of recent research at the TU Delft in the area of Sustainable Energy include:

  • Large electricity generating wind turbines on the multi megawatt scale
  • More affordable solar cells with sufficient output
  • Gasification of biomass
  • Electrical grids capable of receiving electrical current from non-continuous, decentralised power sources
  • Storage of hydrogen for use as an energy source
  • Scenarios for Energy Transition

Graduation projects

Examples of recent graduation projects can be found under each of the Profiles:

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