Ali Chamseddine

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in Lebanon and having worked for a couple of years, I decided to travel abroad to pursue a Master’s Degree. I chose TU Delft because of its high ranking and reputation for being one of the best technical universities in the world, and for having a highly international community. The Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) MSc programme proved to be great. Not only it gave me an overview of the several sustainable energy sources and technologies, it also provided me with the flexibility to choose the courses I wanted and focus on the profiles I found most interesting.

 One of the advantages of this programme that I really enjoyed was that several courses involved team project work. This gave me the opportunity to work with other students from different academic and cultural backgrounds.  One other important aspect in the program, and the university, is the abundance of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as being in a study association, a sports team, a helping as a teaching assistant, etc.

Moreover, living in Delft has been a very pleasant experience. This charming  little city quickly became my second home. It is also very close to two big cities, the Hague and Rotterdam, making it easy to go on city trips during weekends!

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