Aurora Sáez Armenteros

After finishing my studies in Seville where I specialised in energy at my Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology Engineering, I decided that I wanted to continue my studies in renewable energy. TU Delft was my first choice since, apart from being one of the best technical universities of Europe, it offered the MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology. The programme was structured in such a way that I could dive into diverse renewable energy technologies. I got to learn about the technical, societal and economical aspect of these technologies. Although my preference was solar energy, I enjoyed studying other energy sources that will definitely be an important part of the future energy mix. One of my favourite courses was the System Integration Project, together with my team, we modelled, integrated and controlled several energy sources and storage in the grid in order to supply energy to a particular community. 

Another advantage that the programme offers is that there is a long list of courses to choose from. This is very positive because it allows you to build your own programme, however I would advise the future students to think in advance about the electives that fit their interests better.

Almost having finished SET, I can say that I was more than happy with having chosen TU Delft and SET in particular. I enjoyed both, participating in numerous extracurricular activities that the university offers as well as becoming deeply knowledgeable about the energy transition.