Keshav Krishna

Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was always interested in energy sustainability and knew that energy and engineering didn’t have to be in conflict with each other. Thus, it seemed a natural step forward to pursue my masters in Sustainable Energy Technology (SET).  I chose TU Delft not only because TU Delft is one of the best technical universities in the world, but also since it creates a sustainable environment at the heart of it’s research.

The SET programme did exceed my expectation as it is designed to give students access to different renewable energy fields and select the clusters of their interest such as the Autonomous cluster (consisting of solar energy, wind energy and storage technologies) that I am following. Along with that, applying the theoretical knowledge into projects helps the students to develop their skills and understand the key aspects of the various energy technologies. Personally, the subjects of solar energy such as PV Basics and PV Technology really interest me as they provide an in depth understanding of the working of the PV systems and their wide range of applications. One piece of advice for prospective students would be: look through the different tracks beforehand so that it is easier to explore the areas that interest you.

Overall, the programme is demanding but quite fun as you learn a lot along the way. The experience has been wonderful and I am glad I joined this master’s programme.

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