Lukas Irazusta

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering at Mondragon University in Spain. This program introduced me to the world of sustainability and inspired me to contribute to a transition towards a greener future. I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program where I spent one semester at NTNU in Norway. This experience introduced me to working in an international environment and providing me with a more complete understanding of the world’s energy challenges.

I made the decision that I wanted to further my understanding of energy, in particular sustainable energy, by undertaking a master’s program in this. I immediately found TU Delft, known as one of the leading technical universities, providing a course entitled ‘Sustainable Energy Technology’ that met all of my requirements. As daunting as it can seem to step up to a new educational level, TU Delft has provided me with various new tools and expertise, such as exploring the dynamics of the electrical market and the challenges to be tackled with the integration of renewable energy technologies.

Besides the academic aspect, a feature that played an important role when choosing the university was its location. Even though Delft is a relatively small town, the social life around is certainly dynamic. Students have an active life in terms of parties, festivities, sports and not only that, but the presence of various student associations that offer a wide variety of activities. These include guest lectures, conferences, company visits, internships, voluntary work abroad and many more. All in all, I can happily say that I am so far very satisfied with the choice I have made.

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