Vamsi Krishna

After graduating in India in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, I worked a couple of years before I realized that my interests revolved around a future of sustainable energy and circular economy. Without further delay, I searched for study programs that blended my varied interests and found the Sustainable Energy Technology Masters program at TU Delft that offered a rich mix of not only a variety of technologies but also flexibility in choosing and suiting them to my needs.

The coursework is intense but keeps you ahead of your peers and pushes your limits. My interest in economics of sustainable energy technologies got intensified after taking courses like Economics & Regulations of Sustainable Energy Systems. The frequent guest lectures and seminars on a variety of topics keep you in constant touch with current trends in the industry. Career prospects look encouraging and you get immense support from the career centre and student associations.

The climate here is not only cold and wet, but also vibrantly multi-cultural and entrepreneurial! What I most liked about TU Delft is the availability of a number of courses that help you turn your idea or a technology into business, help you assess your ideas and prepare you to be an entrepreneur.  ‘YES!Delft’ is the start-up incubator established to help your ideas turn to viable business models for products or services. This engaging start-up community is invaluable, especially for a person like me as it offers opportunities and particularly made me aware of the endless possibilities out there to develop personally and professionally.