Is it possible to combine both tracks Imaging & Intervention and Sensing & Stimulation?
No, it is not possible to combine both tracks. You can only select one track when starting the MSc programme.

Can I choose my track during or after finishing the bridging programme?
At the start of the bridging programme, you must already select one the two tracks. This is because each track has its own list of courses that have to be completed.

Are there any possibilities to follow the bridging programme when you don’t have a BSc degree in Medicine or Biomedical Technology?
No, students with other bachelor degrees are not admissible to the bridging programme.

Is there a selection procedure before you can apply for the bridging programme?
No, there are no selection procedures or further requirements other than having your BSc degree in Medicine or Biomedcial Technology.

Can I start with the MSc programme when I don’t finish all bridging courses?
No, you can only start after finishing the full bridging programme successfully.

Is it required to do my internship at either Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) or Erasmus Medical Center (EMC)?
No that’s not required, however most students do their internships over there.

Can I get more information about Technical Medicine during a Master Event?
We are not present at TU Delft’s Master Event because of the small group that is admissible to the MSc Programme Technical Medicine. You can find all information on this website. If you have any questions left, please take a look at the contact page and don’t hesitate to contact us.