Individual minors

An individual minor is one that you put together yourself. The two possibilities available are outlined below.

This is a minor that you put together yourself from different course elements. It must be made up of a cohesive programme of modules, provided by a university programme and at third-year level. Master’s modules are not permitted.

A bridging minor offers students at TU Delft and other universities the opportunity to go on to take a Master’s programme other than the one that automatically follows on from their Bachelor’s degree programme. If you would like to take a bridging minor, you should approach the relevant contact. You can find the details on the Minors overview page.

MinorVakcodeFaculteitContactpersoonExterne Studenten
Schakelminor Applied
Schakelminor Chemical
Schakelminor Water en
Schakelminor TIL voor Bk en
Schakelminor CT voor


Submit your choice to the Board of Examiners at least two months in advance using the designated Free Minor / Bridging Minor Approval Application Form.

In some faculties, you can gain practical or international experience by opting for an Internship or Study Abroad Minor. Find out what is possible at and, for internships, contact the faculty (international) internship office. Please note: if you plan to go abroad, you will need to arrange a lot of things during the second year of your Bachelor’s degree programme.