Individually composed minor

An individual minor is one that you put together yourself. The two possibilities available are outlined below:

Self-composed minor

This is a minor that you put together yourself from different course elements. It must be made up of a cohesive programme of courses, provided by a university programme and at third-year level. Master’s courses are not permitted.

Admission requirements for Self-composed minor

See the relevant faculty for the admission requirements that apply to free minors. No specific information is available from IDE.

Bridging minor

A bridging minor offers students at TU Delft and other universities the opportunity to go on to take a Master’s programme other than the one that automatically follows on from their Bachelor’s degree programme. Do you want to follow a bridging minor? In that case, please contact the relevant contact person


Minor Course Code Faculty Contact person External students
AM Bridging Minor TW-MI-113 EEMCS
Applied Physics Bridging Minor AP-MI-181 Applied Sciences
Chemical Engineering Bridging Minor CHE-MI-182 Applied Sciences
EPA Bridging Minor   TPM
MOT Bridging Minor   TPM
CoSEM Bridging Minor TB-MI-034 TPM
TIL Bridging Minor for A+BE and IDE CT-MI-184 CEG
CT Bridging Minor for A+BE CT-MI-188 CEG


Submit your choice to the Board of Examiners at least two months in advance using the designated Self-composed minor / Bridging Minor Approval Application Form.

In some faculties, you can gain practical or international experience by opting for an Internship Minor or Study Abroad Minor. Find out what is possible at and, for internships, contact the faculty (international) internship office. Please note: if you plan to go abroad, you will need to arrange a lot of things during the second year of your Bachelor’s degree programme. 

Minor Course Code Faculty Contact person External Student
Study Abroad CT CT-MI-170 CEG  
Study Abroad AES TA-MI-169 CEG  
Study Abroad AE LR-MI-175 AE  
Research Project Applied Earth Sciences TA-MI-077 CEG  
Internship Electrical Engineering EE-MI-131 EEMCS  
Study Abroad EEMCS EWI-MI-134 EEMCS  
Work Placement IO-MI-076 IDE  
Study Abroad IDE IO-MI-075 IDE
Study Abroad LST LST-MI-173 Applied Sciences
Study Abroad MST MST-MI-138 Applied Sciences
Study Abroad TN/NB   Applied Sciences  
Advanced LST LST-MI-137 Applied Sciences/Leiden
In-depth Minor NanobIDElogy NB-MI-183 Applied Sciences  
In-depth Minor Physics   Applied Sciences /Leiden
Minor Advanced Molecular Science & Technology   Applied Sciences ✓ (MST Only)