Minors at Rotterdam or Leiden (LDE)

Collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University (LDE) on minors

Leiden University (LEI), TU Delft (TUD) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) collaborate closely with one another in the area of minors. The partner universities reserve a number of places on their own minors to make it easier for LEI, TUD and EUR students to do a minor at one of the partners and give them more choice. The three partner universities also offer joint minors, referred to as LDE minors.

Check the admission requirements at EUR and LEI.

In addition to minors at Leiden and Rotterdam, you may also take a joint LDE minor in a socially relevant subject. In these joint minors, the courses are taught jointly by lecturers from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. In this academic year, the following LDE minors are offered:

The minors at Leiden University are 30 ECTS. However, the courses for the minors are not clustered together in the first teaching period, as they are in Delft. You will find a description of the minor and the courses in the minor in the Leiden University Prospectus. To find the timetable, a link in the course description will direct you to the faculty timetable pages. Here you can find the teaching period for each course. If you have any questions or doubts, always get in touch with the contact listed in the e-Prospectus for the minor in question.

TU Delft students do 30 ECTS of minors. The minors at the EUR are all 15 ECTS and it is not possible to do two EUR minors in the same academic year. We therefore advise you to fill in the remaining 15 ECTS with electives at TU Delft. You need prior permission from your Board of Examiners for these other 15 ECTS. On the ‘Free Minor Approval Request’ form, indicate the 15 ECTS EUR minor of your choice, supplemented by 15 ECTS of electives.