Thematic minor

A thematic minor is a combination of modules put together around a specific theme. During the first registration period, a TU Delft student can register for a maximum of four minors. An external student can register for a maximum of one minor.

 TU Delft offers thematic minors both with and without admission criteria. Thematic minors with admission criteria involve a selection process. For thematic minors without admission criteria, a lottery-draw procedure applies. 

Thematic minor with admission criteria (selection minor)

Admission criteria apply to a number of minors. Your registration for a selection minor will be processed first. Admission for this minor is done by means of selection by the minor coordinator. Once you have been enrolled (admitted) for a selection minor, all your other registrations will be cancelled.

The selection minors will not be taken into account in the draw procedure and other deadlines may apply during the registration period!

You can find more information about the selection procedure/criteria in the relevant minor description in the list of TU Delft minors.

List of TU Delft minors

Thematic minor without admission criteria (lottery-draw minor)

TU Delft students are placed on minors that do not have a selection procedure by means of a lottery draw. Your chance of success in the lottery draw is the same for all minors for which you have registered. After the draw procedure, you will receive an e-mail indicating the minor on which you are enrolled and the minor for which you have been placed on the waiting list.  Once you have been enrolled, all your other registrations will be cancelled. 

You can find more information about the selection and lottery-draw procedure under registration procedure and deadlines.

Registration procedure and deadlines