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Moluciular Science & TechnologyWBWerktuigbouwkunde
CTCiviele TechniekMT
Maritieme Techniek
Industrieel OntwerpenTATechnische Aardwetenschappen
Electrical EngineeringTBTechnische BestuurskundeLDE
Leiden, Delft, Erasmus
Klinische TechnologieTITechnische InformaticaLD
Leiden, Delft
LRLuchtv. - en RuimtevaarttechniekTNTechnische NatuurkundeEUR
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Life Science TechnologyTWTechnisch WiskundeVU
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



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3D Handscanner

The development from scratch to a working prototype of an equipment of a 3D hand scanner in which it is possible to 3d scan a human hand in...

BSc Nanobiology

Bachelors BSc Nanobiology Field of study Programme Curriculum Admission requirements ...

A sabbatical in the R&T industry: ‘It’s not all that different’

From October 2016, TU Delft assistant professor Roeland De Breuker spent four months working for Airbus Group Innovations in Munich. Having...


The printed technology based wearable is the result of a fruitful collaboration of TU Delft and a leading innovation and research centre of...


Meddy is designed for the project of Light.Touch.Matters , as a hand-held product. LTM is a smart material, which is pressure sensitive....


The design of Cof2Grow is the result of a thesis of material driven design. The topic of the research was to characterise waste coffee...


This project explores flexible electroluminescent material embodied in a lighting concept called the Flipshade. The material is embedded in...

The layer Chair

The layer chair is a unique and innovative product that shows the wide range of possibilities of NFC materials. Goals of the...

Shape Memory Composites

Electroluminiscence Strip Lamp

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All thematic minors at the TU Delft are in English, except for the following minors:

-Ondernemerschap: Med-Tech Based Entrepeneurship
-Ondernemerschap: Technology Based Entrepeneurship
-Security, Safety and Justice (LDE)