Minors for TU Delft students

Within your Bachelor's programme, you can fill in your minor in various ways. Would you like to broaden or deepen your knowledge? Learn to think in a different way and/or study in a different city? Then you could take a thematic minor at Delft University of Technology, but also in Leiden, Rotterdam, or (far) beyond. TU Delft offers various thematic minors with which you can broaden your knowledge or specialise within your field.

Do you study at a university in Leiden (including the joint-degree bachelor's programme MST) or Rotterdam or at another educational institution? For more information, please visit the page for Leiden and Rotterdam or External students.

On this page you can find information about minors for TU Delft students. You can choose a thematic minor in Delft, but also a LDE minor or a minor in Leiden or Rotterdam.

Information about applying for minors in 2023-2024 can be found here from mid-March 2023.

Have you decided not to follow a thematic minor after the start of the academic year and want to deregister? 

Deregistering is no longer possible after 1 September. However, we can put your minor on non-active. This will have no consequences.

You can do this by submitting a request via the email address ​​of the department Study Programme Administration (SPA) of your faculty.

  • You can register for a maximum of 30EC of minors per year. This means that you can combine two minors of 15EC in one academic year.
  • You are responsible for timely and correct application/registration for one or more minors.

  • In May, places in non-selection minors have been reserved for students from Leiden and Rotterdam. If these places are not filled, they will be made available again in July to students from TU Delft.

  • Please check in advance whether your bachelor's degree programme provides access to the minor of your choice in the admissions matrix and the study guide of the university where it is offered.

  • Check in advance in which period the minor of your choice will be given. In some cases, a minor in Leiden or Rotterdam lasts longer than one semester. 

  • You cannot apply for a thematic minor if you have also included an exchange minor in your examination programme in the same academic year.

  • If you are enrolled on a joint degree programme, you should register for the thematic minor at the coordinating university and follow the procedure of that institution (see the diagram below). 

    Joint degree programme


    Coordinating University

    Clinical Technology


    TU Delft 

    Life Science and Technology 


    TU Delft 

    Molecular Science & Technology 


    Universiteit Leiden 



    TU Delft 

Do you still have questions after reading the above registration and placement procedure? Then first take a look at our frequently asked questions.

  • All information about the registration and placement procedure in one overview? You can read it in the registration and placement flyer.
  • Do you want to know what combinations are possible for combining multiple thematic minors? Use this overview.

For questions about the content of the thematic minor of your preference, please contact the relevant minor coordinator.