Thematic minors for TU Delft students

Do you study at a university in Leiden (including the joint-degree bachelor's programme MST) or Rotterdam or at another educational institution? For more information, please visit the page for Leiden and Rotterdam or external students.

Registration for a thematic minor is not possible anymore for 2023-2024. There are also no thematic minors on offer for the second semester.
In March 2024, here you will find the latest information about the academic year 2024-2025.

Self composed minor

Within your bachelor's programme, you can fill in your minor in various ways. Would you like to broaden or deepen your knowledge? Learn to think in a different way and/or study in a different city? Then you could take a thematic minor at Delft University of Technology, but also in Leiden, Rotterdam, or (far) beyond. TU Delft offers various thematic minors with which you can broaden your knowledge or specialise within your field.

TU Delft offers more than fifty thematic minors every year. Combined with Leiden and Rotterdam, this makes more than 200, which can be overwhelming. That is why we give you some advice to help you make your choice.

You can register for a thematic minor in Delft, Leiden or Rotterdam via Eduxchange. There are different registration periods, so be sure to check when you can register for your preferred thematic minor.
Good to know: You cannot register for a thematic minor while you are registered and in the process for studying abroad for your minor.

Selection minors

For a selection minor, in addition to a on-time (pre-)registration via EduXchange, you may be required to submit additional documents. Read the information in EduXchange under the heading 'good to know' to find out what type of selection is applied and what the deadlines are for submitting the additional criteria. For Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam thematic selection minors, you can apply in April. The results will be communicated in the first week of May.

(Pre-)registration period 3 April 2023 (13:00) Up to 16 April 2023 (23:59)

Please note - You can only withdraw before registration during the (pre-)registration period in April. After you have been selected and placed, you cannot deregister. You can register for a maximum of 30 EC during this (pre0-)registration period. Only your highest preference counts.

Non-selection minors

For non-selection minors, direct registration applies (no lottery draw) and admission is based on your current study programme. There is a limited number of places available. It is therefore possible that your preferred minor is full. For Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam thematic non-selection minors, including joint-minors, you can apply in May.

Registration period 8 May 2023 (13:00) Up to 12 May 2023 (12:59)
  16 May 2023 (13:00) Up to 31 May 2023 (23:59)

You can deregister, up till 15 July, via MyTUDelft if you have registered for a thematic minor at TU Delft and decide not to participate.
*Once you are placed on a selection minor, you cannot deregister.

If you have registered for a thematic minor in Leiden or Rotterdam and decide not to participate, you can deregister via the partner university. You cannot deregister via Eduxchange or MyTUDelft.
* Each university may have a different deadline for deregistration.

If you are unable to deregister, please contact the relevant (partner) university. Please mention your (local) student number and the minor you want to deregister for. (Processing may take up to 5 working days).

Deregistering and changing minors is at your own risk. It is possible that you will end up without a minor placement. It is not possible to reserve a place in the meantime until your deregistration is processed. Only minor registrations via eduXchange are valid.

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