TU Delft minors for external students

Do you study at a university in Leiden or Rotterdam? For more information, please visit the page for Leiden and Rotterdam students.

Registration is not possible anymore for 2023-2024. There are also no minors on offer for the second semester.
In March 2024, here you will find the latest information about the academic year 2024-2025.

Are you a student from another Dutch or foreign educational institution and looking to take a minor at Delft University of Technology? This page contains information about the student enrolment- en registration process and other practical matters.

TU Delft offers more than fifty thematic minors each year. These are all offered in the first semester. TU Delft does not offer any thematic minors in the second semester. The thematic minors can be either broadening or deepening of your study. The period in which you can apply may differ. So have a good look at when you can apply. 

Applying for a thematic minor in Delft does not necessarily mean that you will be able to attend. Each external student will be assessed individually for admissibility and only placed after the regular application periods for TU Delft students have closed, but only if there are still places available.

Make sure that you arrange (minor) student enrolment with TU Delft (via Studielink) before you register for a minor in Delft.

  1. Apply via Studielink; educational institution: Delft University of Technology.
  2. Use 'Choose your studies' to select the minor programme to the thematic minor of your choice and follow all the steps. In the overview of minor degree programme, you will find what degree programme corresponds with what thematic minor. 
  3. After finishing all steps, you will receive an email with your TU Delft student number.
    You will need this student number to register for the thematic minor of your choice (step 2).

Once you have completed your enrolment as a minor student at TU Delft via Studielink, fill in the online form for your minor registration that will be available here during the registration periods.

Once these registration periods have closed, you will no longer be eligible to take a minor at TU Delft. 

*The registration period for each thematic minor is shown in the overview. All 15 EC thematic minors of the Faculty of Architecture are considered as selection minors for external students (3-16 April). By the end of June at the latest, you will hear the result of any placement for these thematic minors.

You can only apply for 15EC minors at the Faculty of Architecture during the April registration period. Check out the overview of all registration dates.

Once you have completed your second enrolment in Studielink and registration at TU Delft for a thematic minor, and the registration period for the minor has closed, the assessment of eligibility will take place. This assessment is carried out by the minor coordinator.

If you are deemed to be eligible for admission, the minor coordinator will tell the central minor administration and your registration will become definite after closing the regular registration periods for TU Delft students. If you are deemed to be ineligible, you will be de-registered for the minor. 

Places for external students are very limited and the result will be announced late.

You are strongly advised to have an alternative ready in advance. 

Do you still have questions after reading the above registration and placement procedure? Then first look at our frequently asked questions

For questions about the content of the thematic minor of your preference, please contact the relevant minor coordinator.