TU Delft minors for students from Leiden and Rotterdam

Are you a student from Universiteit Leiden or Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and looking to take a minor at Delft University of Technology? This page contains information about the range of minors offered, the registration process and other practical matters.

There are several ways for you to fill the minor programme within your Bachelor's degree programme. If you would like to broaden or deepen your knowledge in a technological programme, learn a new way of thinking, or study in a different city, why not take a thematic minor at Delft University of Technology? TU Delft offers a range of thematic minors of 15 and 30 EC in which you can either broaden your knowledge or become more specialised.  

Do you study at another (Dutch) educational institution? For more information, please visit the page for External students.

Minor offer

TU Delft offers more than fifty minors each year. These are all offered in the first semester and are mainly 30EC. TU Delft does not offer any minors in the second semester. These can both broaden and deepen your knowledge as part of your degree programme. You follow the application process of your own university. Application for a minor in Delft is done via your own university. The period in which you can register may differ. So have a good look at when you can apply. 

See the entire range of TU Delft minors in the total overview and check that your preferred minor is open to you. You should use the admissions matrix for this.
Disclaimer: Each thematic minor has only a limited number of places available, so there is no guarantee that you can be placed in the minor of your choice. 

Please note: The timetables in Delft may differ from the timetables in Leiden and Rotterdam. Besides this, passing the minor is subject to the regulations of the degree programme under which your preferred minor falls. If you have any questions about this, please contact the minor coordinator. 


To take a minor in Delft, you need to take a number of steps.

Step 1: Apply through your university for a minor in Delft

As a student at Leiden University or Erasmus University Rotterdam, you can register for a TU Delft minor via your own university. You should use the registration procedure for minors as indicated by your own university. The procedure for TU Delft minors is included there. 

The universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam then together make sure that your registration is correctly processed and communicated.

Step 2: Enrol as a (minor) student at TU Delft after placement

Have you been definitively registered for a thematic minor at TU Delft or a joint-minor? Then, in addition to enrolment at your own university*, you should also register as a (minor) student at TU Delft via Studielink no later than 31 August.
*Students of a joint-degree programme do not need an additional second enrolment as a (minor) student at TU Delft. After all, you already have a valid enrolment as a student in a joint-degree programme at all the institutions involved.

  1. Apply via Studielink; educational institution: Delft University of Technology.
  2. Choose via 'Choose your studies' the bachelor's/minor programme to the thematic minor you are registered to and proceed to all steps. In the overview of minor degree programmes you will find what degree programme corresponds with what thematic minor. 
  3. After finishing all steps, you will receive an email with your TU Delft student number and login credentials.

De-registration after registration

If you change your mind after you have been allocated a place on a thematic minor at TU Delft and you want to de-register, you should do this via your own university. 

Please note that you will not automatically be de-registered as a TU Delft student. You are responsible for de-registering as a (minor) student with TU Delft on time.

Important to note

  • You may only register for one TU Delft minor in a year. 

  • To be eligible for a TU Delft selection minor you must register via your own university between 1 and 15 April 2021. You should also be aware that there may be additional admission criteria.  

  • To be eligible for a TU Delft non-selection minor you must register via your own university between 3 and 31 May 2021. 

  • Check in the registration system of your own university that the TU Delft minor of your choice is open to you. 

  • It is your own responsibility to submit and complete a second enrolment – as a minor student at TU Delft – via Studielink in good time. 

  • It is your own responsibility to submit you unenrolment – as a minor student at TU Delft – after finishing your minor in Delft.

  • Students taking a joint degree programme must register for a minor at the coordinating university and follow that university's procedure (see table below).

    Joint degree programme


    Coordinating university

    Clinical Technology 


    TU Delft 

    Life Science and Technology 


    TU Delft 

    Molecular Science & Technology 


    Universiteit Leiden 



    TU Delft 

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions after reading the above registration and placement procedure? Then first take a look at our frequently asked questions

For questions about the content of the thematic minor of your preference, please contact the relevant minor coordinator. 

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