T4.G1 PhD Start-up

Course description

The goal of the PhD StartUp is to help get you off to a good start in your role as a doctoral researcher at TU Delft.
The programme consists of three separate modules.
N.B. Please follow Module A first. After this, you may decide the order in which you follow the remaining modules. 

A.  Introduction module (half day) – 1 month after start of your PhD
This module focuses on managing expectations. This includes:

  • What does TU Delft expect of PhD candidates?
  • How does the institution view your role as a doctoral researcher?
  • What can you expect of your doctoral process?

B.  Nobel day – setting personal goals & challenges (full day) – Within 3 months after start of your PhD
This day is all about helping you take charge of your academic role. This means assessing your skills, defining your goals and translating this into a your own development plan that will help you challenge yourself during your PhD.

C.  Scientific Integrity (half day) – Within 3-6 months after start of your PhD.
The programme focuses on (moral) questions that are important to consider for researchers at the start of their academic career. It will help you to gain insight  into societal, moral and public aspects of your work (e.g. duty to society, intellectual property, co-authorship etc.
NB: This module requires the preparation of a homework assignment, see the course preparation on Blackboard.

The PhD Start-up programme is one of the 2 compulsory courses offered within the Doctoral Education Programme.

Course Enrolment

Course registration of Graduate School Doctoral Education (GS DE) courses is via Brightspace. Upon receiving the invitation for the intake interview, you will be automatically enrolled in Brightspace and in the Module A mentioned in the invitation.

At the home page of Brightspace a short tutorial on how to enrol in courses has been published.  

Enrolment Conditions

See this link for more information.

If you have questions about enrolment for this course (e.g. waiting list, cancellations etc.), please send an e-mail to graduateschool@tudelft.nl.