Fees and funding

Tuition fees and bench fees
TU Delft considers the supervision of doctoral candidates to be of paramount importance. Our Graduate School offers doctoral candidates an excellent learning environment, inspiring supervision, and a highly valued Doctoral Education programme. In order to support the costs of our Doctoral Programmes, TU Delft requires a contribution. 

We distinguish two types of costs: a tuition fee and a bench fee.

  • The tuition fee is a contribution to the cost of supporting, supervising and training a doctoral candidate.
  • The bench fee is a contribution to the costs incurred in the provision of workspaces and laboratories.

Since these costs vary per candidate and research project, our fees differ accordingly.

The tuition fee amounts to a maximum of 11,000 euros per Doctoral Programme. The bench fee is based on the anticipated use of facilities and remains fixed for the duration of the Doctoral Programme. The bench fee is charged to the institution that is funding the doctoral candidate.

At the start of the Doctoral Programme (preferably before the candidate’s first working day) agreements are recorded on how the fees are calculated, what they will amount to and to whom they will be charged. It is at the faculty’s discretion to waive either or both fees.

Doctoral Programmes can be funded in several ways:

  1. Working at the university: Often, doctoral candidates are employed on four-year contracts at their supervisor’s department, where they are expected to also spend time on teaching activities.
  2. Bring your own funding: If there are no PhD positions available in your area of interest, you will have to find your own funding. This could be a scholarship or a grant.
  3. Working for an employer: Employers sometimes provide financial support when their employees become doctoral candidates at TU Delft.

For more information about scholarships visit http://scholarships.tudelft.nl/