Doctoral Education programme

Improve your skills as a researcher

A PhD programme at TU Delft is a constant learning experience. You learn on the job by doing intensive research, and by interacting with talented colleagues and fellow PhD candidates. In addition, each PhD programme at TU Delft contains an educational part โ€” the Doctoral Education programme โ€” to provide you with skills you need to be a successful PhD researcher, as well as skills that will help you in your future career.

Doctoral Education programme: grow and thrive as a researcher

Together with your supervisory team you will compose a tailored DE programme based on your specific needs, wishes and development goals. The DE programme is based upon a competence model with three categories: research skills, discipline related skills and transferable skills.


External candidates from 4TU can send an e-mail to the Graduate School for more information about the current DE courses and registration. 

1. Research skills

Skills related to conducting your research: from academic thinking and attitude to research management and data management. You can choose from a wide variety of courses, but you can also obtain credits through learning on the job activities such as writing a scientific journal article or giving a presentation at a conference.

2. Discipline related skills

Skills related to the subject of your research: skills that will provide deeper knowledge and a broader understanding of the discipline and field youโ€™re working in.

Since these skills are very field-specific, courses can be found through your faculty, research schools, seminars or other bodies of expertise.

3. Transferable skills

Skills related to your personal and professional development: effective communication, working in teams, self-management, teaching and supervising students, giving presentations, time management, project management. You can choose from a wide variety of courses.