Alumni experience

‘The European Post-master in Urbanism enabled me to give my professional career new direction. Before I started the programme, I had worked in urban projects and spatial planning in Peru for several years and I wanted  a critical perspective on my work experience. The EMU also helped me develop my academic skills and gain familiarity with the international context and global urban challenges.
EMU was not only about the courses and knowledge developed, though. The environment at TU Delft and the programme  opened up many different opportunities to me. During my two years of study, I took part in international workshops with universities in China and in Italy, worked as an assistant in a European research project, helped organise academic events and became a member of an inter-faculty platform.
The EMU enabled me to make my career more international, develop my research skills and gain access to job opportunities world-wide’.

Pablo Muñoz Unceta 
EMU alumnus 2019

'During the last two years studying in Europe I changed the way of understanding cities. I established an attitude when working at TU Delft that we should ameliorate urban problems instead of solving them, which is very useful in my current work. With the attitude, I try to dig core potentials and deliberate long-term planning schemes in my current practical projects. Being an urban designer, this helps me work effectively and make strategic decisions. The EMU programme made me know more advanced European urban projects, which became precious reference cases for my current projects. For example, I did research on the “sponge city”, later the water management research at TUD helped me understand the project deeper and helped me to develop many good ideas. Lastly, I appreciate the EMU programme provided us an inclusive study atmosphere with planners and designers of different backgrounds, which made me familiar with various urban policies, issues and interesting projects in different countries.'

Miao Zhang
EMU alumna 2014


'I was already working as an architect and urbanist for several years when I decided to join EMU. The appeal of the course to me was related to the international environment of TU Delft and the opportunity to experience different approaches towards urbanism provided by the course.  Three months after graduating from EMU I was already involved in a large urban project back in Brazil. In this project the diversity of the studies carried out during the EMU course proved essential to deal with situations that involved planning, design and research. Completing this course provided me the skills to look at these tasks in a completely integrated and more effective manner.'

Luiz Carvalho
EMU alumnus 2014

‘For me the European Post-master in Urbanism was a crash course in different ways of understanding, analysing, and contributing to the city. I learnt how to develop convincing design narratives while moving between architecture, urban design and regional planning.
I now put these influences and skills to practise working for an architecture and urban design office in Melbourne, Australia. I co-ordinate the production of a masterplan for an existing university campus, working with members of the university and the broader community to define how the university can be better connected to the surrounding area and how the campus can be improved over the next thirty years.
I also teach urban design at the University of Melbourne and find it satisfying to reengage with what I learnt during my studies. The EMU gave me access to a multitude of different tools and approaches to deal with the future of cities and regions that I will continue to draw on into my career.’

Katherine Sunderman
EMU alumna 2014

‘I was looking for a postgraduate degree that gave me the opportunity to travel around Europe and experience different ways of doing urbanism. My first two degrees were in architecture, not urbanism, so EMU helped me go much deeper into this subject of urbanism. I had a semester at IUAV in Venice where I had the special opportunity to work on the Grand Paris project with Paola Viganò and Bernardo Secchi. I started my own office immediately after graduating, and am now also completing a PhD at Politecnico di Milano. My experience of EMU was so dense and full that I am still learning from it four years since I completed the programme.’

Bruna Vendemmia
EMU alumna 2009

‘I was attracted to the European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism because of the breadth of its focus. The program delves far beyond an understanding of physical space into an appreciation of the social, cultural, economic and political environments that frame it. The experience is enriched by the variety of fellow students - that span the globe. I now work with BUUR in Belgium, a studio that specialises in urbanism in the broadest sense. I work mainly with government authorities and NGOs considering applications for urban scale sustainability and energy systems.‘

Adrian Vickery Hill
EMU alumnus 2011

‘The European postgraduate Master in Urbanism (EMU) was for me the ideal preparation for my PhD research. Studying different research approaches and up to date methods for urban analyses and design at top Universities across Europe was the perfect foundation for my cross European research on dispersed urban development.’

Alexander Wandl
EMU alumnus 2010

‘Back in 2008 I was an architect with deep interest in understanding more about the city, but could not decide how and where to study. Luckily I found the EMU course at TU-Delft, a postgraduate degree in Urbanism, and without any hesitation decided to join. I experienced two full years of studying European urbanism in the Netherlands and in Italy. Coming from Asia, the EMU provides a very good chance to feel and gain insight to the city in a European context. After I graduated, I wrote the book Experience of European Urbanism in 2010. It was a little bestseller in South Korea in the urbanism field. Based on the EMU experience, I'm working now at Samsung C&T as an urban and master planner, executing major urban projects around the world.‘

Dong Won Lim
EMU alumnus 2009
South Korea