Teaching Staff

‘We must ensure that urban planning is not part of the problem, but part of the solution’

Publications include:
Town and Country Planning in the UK (Routledge, 2006)
European Spatial Planning and Territorial Cooperation (Routledge, 2010)
editor-in-chief: Planning Practice and Research
(Routledge/Taylor and Francis international peer reviewed journal) 

Vincent Nadin
full Professor of Spatial Planning and Strategy 

‘Cities are fascinating dynamic phenomena. We need to be careful with their past, understand the present and create perspectives for future dynamics’

Publications include:
City and Port. Transformation of Portcities. London, Barcelona, New York, Rotterdam (International Books, 1999)
Delta-Urbanism: The Netherlands (American Planning Association, 2010)
Series of 4 books on the essence of urbanism in the 21st century (SUN, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2014)

Han Meyer
full Professor of Urban Composition

‘Complexity theories of cities should be seen as a bridge between the quantitative and qualitative cultures in the study of urbanism, cities and their

Publications include:
Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age (Springer, Complexity Series 2012, Ed.)
Complexity, Cognition and the City (Springer, Complexity Series 2011)
Self-Organization and the city (Springer, 2000) 

Juval Portugali
Guest lecturer of Environmental Design
Professor of Human Geography, Head of Environmental Simulation Laboratory Tel-Aviv University

‘Urbanism as a research tool explores the vast realm of urban transformations: reading latencies and potentialities, using design to produce alternative futures and effective change.’

Publications include:
I territori dell’urbanistica – Il progetto come produttore di conoscenza (Officina, 2010, French Transl. Les Territoires de l’Urbanisme, MetisPresses, 2012)
La ville poreuse (MetisPresses, 2011)
Antwerp, Territory of a new modernity (SUN, 2009)
La città elementare (Skira, 1999)

Paola Viganò
Paola Viganò is the leading professor of our partner university in Venice
full Professor in Urbanism at Università IUAV of Venice


  • Daan Zandbelt
  • Machiel van Dorst
  • Steffen Nijhuis
  • Fransje Hooimeijer
  • Roberto Rocco
  • Stephen Read
  • Dominic Stead
  • Akkelies van Nes
  • Alexander Wandl