Data Science & Smart Culture

This seminar was organized by Delft Data Science. This seminar brings researchers, practitioners and other interested parties together to discuss the future of ‘Smart Culture’. Recent work is presented and showcased, and in an interactive setting, we will jointly discuss common interests, promising directions and the role of data science.

With mass digitization and original digital content, our cultural heritage is increasingly shifting towards the digital domain. However, availability does not yet imply easy accessibility and interpretation; smart technology is necessary to enable easy access and interpretation in a scalable and sustainable way.

An important notion is that access to and interpretation of cultural information is a dynamically developing, living social phenomenon. While the cultural resources might become digital, their access and interpretation are very much happening in the real world and actively enjoyed live.

How can this be optimally fostered and supported by digital innovations? What research questions and challenges does the digital cultural setting offer to computer science, social sciences and humanities? And how can we engage tomorrow’s audiences with past, present and future cultural resources?