Social Data Science for Workforce Management

May 28, 2015

Delft Data Science (DDS) organizes a series of seminars. These seminars address the challenges and opportunities emerging from large quantities of heterogeneous, complex, networked and dynamic data influencing virtually all socio-economic domains.

We aim to bring the main economic, industrial, societal and academic stakeholders together to jointly discuss how to address the challenges and optimally exploit the opportunities related to big data in the years to come.

Theme: Social Data Science for Workforce Management

A significant proportion of the population is employed in an enterprise or organization. Work is a universal human right, and a very prominent part of our life. 

Quality-of-life is often very much related to the satisfactions and rewards gained on the workplace. The economy depends on the social ecosystem within organizations to thrive. As a consequence, it is now a major goal for organizations to foster a working climate where inclusion, cohesion, and well-being are as important factors of success as performance and loyalty. 

As sensing technology becomes cheaper and more portable, it is now possible to create systems that sense the physical and personal working environment. These systems can provide a rich web of Social Data (i.e. data produced and manipulated by people) which is interleaved into our daily working lives, providing unique insights into how we are getting along with our colleagues to how we feel while we work.

The aim of this Delft Data-Science symposium is to gather researchers from different fields to debate about the various concepts, approaches, architectural choices and technical solutions for improving the organizational workforce.  We address the following question: How can Social Data-science help us to understand, and influence efficiency, motivation, and well-being in the workforce?


14:30    Welcome and opening

14:35    Robert-Jan Sips – IBM

            "The Inclusive Enterprise: a Computer Science approach to well-being at work"


14:55    Charles NoussairTilburg University

            "Applications of face reading technology in economics"


15:15    Nale Lehmann-WillenbrockVU University Amsterdam

            "The Social Dynamics of Organizational Behavior: Meetings as a Gateway"


15:35    Coffee and tea

15:50    Pitches:

·         Hayley Hung – Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics - Delft Data Science

         "Computational methods for analysing meeting behavior" 

·         Alessandro Bozzon - Web Information Systems - Delft Data Science

          "The Role of Social Data in Workforce Modelling and Engagement"

·         Nimish Biloria - Digital Architecture - "Interactive Office Environments"

16:30    Panel Discussion

17:00    Closing words

17:05    Drinks until 18:00


Please, let us know of your presence via the registration link and share this invitation with interested colleagues or business relations. Registration is free of charge, and needed for catering purposes.


Lecture hall Chip – Faculty EEMCS – TU Delft 
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft

We are looking forward to welcoming you the 28th of May!

Pitch of Alessandro Bozzon

Pitch of Hayley Hung