FLEXINet February Lunch Lecture

"Grid Impact of Energy Transition and its mitigation with Coordinated Power Control"

Date: 14 February 2023
Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Location: Co-Creation Centre, The Green Village, TU Delft Campus

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Abstract: The energy transition will abruptly increase the renewable energy supply and electric load demand. Electrification of heating with heat pumps (HPs) and of the transportation sector with electric vehicles (EVs), as well as higher distributed generation (e.g PVs) will play an essential role in energy transition success. High uncontrolled penetrations of EVs, HPs and PVs (low-carbon technologies LCTs) can provoke several grid impact issues, such as transformers and lines over-loading and severe node voltage deviations. On the contrary, utilizing their flexibility with energy storage systems (ESSs) within a coordinated control system can minimize their grid impact and needed grid investments, increase cost savings and penetration level. Moreover, ancillary services can be provided to the system operation (SO), such as frequency regulation, congestion management, etc. The first part of this Ph.D. dissertation aims to identify and quantify the future grid impact of the high uncontrolled penetrations of the LCTs above and motivates the rest of the research. In the second part, a grid-level coordinated control is developed, which intends to optimize the grid operation in terms of power dispatch, ancillary services provision to the SO, energy storage utilization and component degradation.

Presenter: Nikos Damianakis is a a Ph.D. researcher at Delft University of Technology at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS), Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE) and DC Systems, Energy Conversion & Storage (DCE&S) research group. His Ph.D. project investigates coordinated power control of smart loads & energy storage systems and DC transition. The project is in cooperation with the research project NEON, “New Energy and Mobility Outlook for the Netherlands".

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Dates: 14 March 2023, 11 April 2023, 13 June 2023
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Date: 4 April 2023
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Co-Creation Centre, The Green Village, TU Delft Campus

Past Events

FLEXINet Essentials - Workshop 2

Date 18 October 2022
Location Co-Creation Centre, The Green Village, TU Delft Campus

On Oct. 18, the second FLEXINet Essentials workshop was held at The Green Village, TU Delft Campus. This meeting addressed the national System Integration learning community, to which FLEXINet's research contributes. In this learning community, we want to bring together all parties who have something to do with system integration. Whether that be a hardware supplier, a designer of a sustainable energy system, or an installer; everyone is welcome. We are working on a continuous line from science at TU Delft and practical application from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and ROC Mondriaan.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mart van Bracht, Director of System Integration at the Top Sector Energy, gave an overview of the opportunities and solutions on a system-level. Marco Stecca (TU Delft) then explained the research focus of FlexBat project, which is on how to improve the power electronics converter of battery storage systems, and on how to leverage this power electronics convert to enable new functionalities for the battery. After that Prof. Pavol Bauer (TU Delft) briefly explained the main research goals of FLEXINet project and illustrated them on animation. Next two researchers involved in FLEXINet project Joel Alpisar-Castillo and Siddhesh Shinde presented their preliminary results. Joel Alpizar-Castillo (TU Delft) presented on his research on multi carrier coupling and system aggregation and Siddhesh Shinde (TU Delft) about placing power electronic interfaces (e.g. charging technology and battery) underground and design of cooling solutions for the required applications.

After that, tours were offered along the ESP lab of TU Delft and the 24/7 Energy Lab and Borg heat buffer at The Green Village.

FLEXINet Essentials - Workshop 1

Date 16 May 2022
Location Co-Creation Centre, The Green Village, TU Delft Campus

FLEXINet and FLEXGRID are two programs are about intelligent, integrated energy systems and flexible storage. On May 16, they organised the first FLEXINet Essentials workshop at The Green Village, TU Delft Campus.
It started with an intro by Pavol Bauer on the FLEXINet project. In this project we work on an integrated system for the intelligent and integrated control and implementation of hybrid energy storage technologies in the built environment. The FLEXINet system will be validated in two living labs: the Green Village and HET cooperatie, Hilversum. Then, Wiljan Vermeer from FLEXGRID took the floor to present a smart charging solution to prevent congestion on the grid and maximize renewable power consumption, while being financially attractive.
After these interesting talks, we discussed in small groups how we could make an impact through our learning community. As there is a crisis in the labour market, aim of the learning community is to train and (re-)school professionals and our students with learnings of both projects.