Work packages

Work packages

The project is organized inot 4 work packages that are connected to the 10 project results

  1. WP1 - Flexibility enabling Hardware (Result 1,2) 
  2. WP2 - Integration, conversion, and smart control - Hybrid energy storage for a flexible energy system (Result 3,4,5,6) 
  3. WP3 - System flexibility and Living Labs: From concept to validation (Result 7,8) 
  4. WP4 - Social Acceptance and Learning Community: Towards a sustainable system integration (Result 9,10) 



The project is organized to deliver the below results 

Result 1 - Battery innovation: Innovative low cost and high energy battery chemistries

Result 2 - Power electronics innovation: Power electronics for hybrid
energy storage systems

Result 3 - Heat storage integration: Energy storage arrangements
for making the heat supply more sustainable

Result 4 - Life-extending battery optimization: Smart
market-linked algorithms, which provide profitability and deployability
of Lithium Ion batteries

Result 5 - Generic and open source EMS platform: integration
platform for the built environment

Result 6 - Intelligent Hybrid EMS: Integrated EMS for hybrid energy storage systems in the built environment

Result 7 - System flexibility through hybrid energy storage: New services and
revenue models for reliable networks

Result 8 - Living labs: Demonstration, testing and validation

Result 9 - Social acceptance: Social acceptance and experience of flexibility

Result 10 - Learning Community and Dissemination: Learning community and dissemination for the knowledge dissemination of hybrid energy storage systems