Awards & Funding

19 January 2018

Inald Lagendijk has been appointed Distinguished Professor

Last December Inald has been appointed Distinguished Professor in the field of Computing-based Society. He was chosen because he made important contributions by designing and defining the new focus area Computing-based Society.

19 January 2018

Felienne Hermans won the Techionista Award - Tech inspirator

Felienne won on January 18th one of the five Techionista Awards. The awards for female tech talent were presented by The proud winners of the new awards may call themselves, according to the professional jury and the Dutch public, the 5 most talented, inspiring, pioneering and enterprising tech-women of the Netherlands.

28 December 2017

Proposal 'Energy intranets' is approved

The proposal 'Energy intranets' is approved within the NWO call ‘Energiesysteemintegratie & Big Data’. Diam will conduct research together with CWI, UvA, University of Utrecht, Sympower and SURFsara.

27 December 2017

Test of Time Award - Middleware Conference 2017

Jan Rellermeyer and his co-authors Gustavo Alonso and Timothy Roscoe (both from ETH Zurich), received the Test of Time Award.

21 December 2017

Diam is going to do research for the Brandwonden Stichting

Fred Vermolen received a project for a PhD student from the Nederlandse Brandwonden Stichting. The project's title is: 'Mapping the contraction- and hypertrophic processes of scars due to burns through computer simulations’.

21 December 2017

DIAM successful in research call from mathematics clusters in NL

NWO will fund eight new PhD positions for projects within the mathematics clusters in the Netherlands.

18 December 2017

Steel statistics in the DENS research programme to improve steel product development

In a collaborative programme of the Materials innovation institute (M2i), Tata Steel Europe in IJmuiden, the technical Universities of Delft, Twente and Eindhoven, and the Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf (Germany), academic and industrial researchers will work on the development of a suite of physical models that simulate the microstructure of advanced high strength steels throughout the production process and the mechanical behaviour of the eventual end-product.

11 December 2017

Kees Vuik is honored with the bronze ‘legpenning'

In the beginning of December Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben awarded Kees Vuik with the bronze ‘legpenning’ of the TU Delft.

07 December 2017

Gianluca Limodio won the Best Student Award at the symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’

Gianluca Limodio from the Photovoltaic Material and Devices group has been awarded with the Best Student Award at the Symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’ during the ‘Material Research Society 2017 Fall meeting’ held in Boston.

07 December 2017

Douwe van Willigen won the ‘Best MSc Award 2017 of the Electronic Instrumentation Lab’

During the annual ‘Best MSc Award 2017 Contest’, the best graduates from the past year of the Electronic Instrumentation Lab (Michele D’Urbino, Douwe van Willigen, Shoubhik Karmakar and Said Hussaini) gave a presentation of their work. Afterwards the public choose a winner.