Awards & Funding

13 March 2019

CSE students deliver unique achievement

Students Buster Bernstein and Jasper Geurtz have delivered a unique achievement: their paper has been accepted for the next AAMAS.

27 February 2019

Prestigious Vici grant for Andy Zaidman

No less than five TU Delft will each receive 1.5 million euros from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). One of them is Andy Zaidman (EEMCS), associate professor in Software Engineering. He receives the grant for developing the innovative research line TestShift. With TestShift, Zaidman aims to instigate a radical shift in testing mind-set through test empowerment.

26 February 2019

Vasiliki Giagka appointed associate editor for Bioelectronic Medicine

Vasiliki Giagka, assistant professor at the Bioelectronics Group at Delft University of Technology, has been invited to the editorial board of Bioelectronic Medicine. The journal asked Giagka for her expertise in fabrication microsystem integration and packaging for neural implants. With her appointment, Giagka is currently one of the youngest associate editors working for the journal.

26 February 2019

TU Delft team in pre-final round of prestigious Airbus competition

29 January 2019

Stephanie Wehner wins Ammodo Science Award

Stephanie Wehner (QuTech/EEMCS) is one of the eight winners of the Ammodo Science Awards 2019. Ammodo announced this today. The laureates each receive a sum of 300,000 euros. They can use this money in the coming years to explore new avenues in fundamental scientific research.

22 January 2019

DRI Health grant for Virgilio Valente

Virgilio (Vivo) Valente received a Health Prototype Grant of €10K from the Delft Health Initiative for his proposal in the domains of Lab-on-CMOS and Organs-on-a-Chip.

18 January 2019

5.1 million euros made available for leading research in astronomy, computer science and mathematics

The NWO Domain Science Board has awarded 3 TOP grants for 2018 to the faculty of EEMCS.

05 December 2018

The best tech idea of 2018 according KIJK is...

...the solar battery charger for electric cars made by EEMCS’ Gautham Ram!

03 December 2018

Top Grant Module 2 for Huijuan Wang

20 November 2018

New 3D echo technique improves diagnosis of vascular diseases

EEMCS is involved in two research programmes that may start in the so-called 'Perspective for the Top Sectors' programme.