Access to EEMCS buildings

From September onwards, building 36 and 28 will only be accessible if you have a campus card. This means there will no longer be free access to the EEMCS faculty buildings if you do not have a valid campus card. If you are no longer in possession of a campus card you can apply for a new one via the Contact Centre of the TU Delft or (for staff) via the employee portal. Be sure to do this before 31 August 2020.

It is mandatory to check in and out with your campus card.

Buildings 36 and 28 are currently closed during the weekend. In the event that weekend access is absolutely necessary, because an expensive experiment needs to be done, for example, contact John Schmitz (Dean of the faculty of EEMCS) via email – – to discuss possibilities. Master’s students who have to work in a lab must get written permission from their respective departments, and must produce this written permission upon request.


From Monday 14 September, a small part of the restaurant in building 36 will be reopened. The restaurant will be open from 11.00 to 14.00. The way of buying food goes according to the grab-and-go philosophy (buy a sandwich and leave immediately). An evaluation will take place after two weeks. If this small-scale reopening of the restaurant turns out not to be corona-proof, the decision will – immediately – be reversed. The catering in building 28 will remain closed for the time being.

Building 28

Opening hours

EEMCS building 28 will be open from 08:00 until 20:00 for employees and students with special permission to enter the building.

Entrances & exits

Building 28 can be entered through the main entrance and you can leave the building through the side exit.

Building 36

Opening hours

From 31 August 2020, the EEMCS faculty building 36 will be open from 08:00 until 20:30 for employees, students with special permission to enter the building and students attending lectures according to their schedule.

Entrances & exits

There are three entrances to building 36: the main entrance (the large sliding doors on the Mekelweg side), the entrance near Drebbelweg (opposite freezone, next to the bike lane) and the one at DEMO (the entrance left of the main entrance, at the front of the building). Check beforehand which entrance corresponds with your walking route.

The Else Kooi Lab (EKL) can be reached via the entrance at the Feldmannweg. 

Walking routes

In order to prevent crowding, eight walking routes have been laid out in building 36. Check before the start of your lecture where you class is to take place. If, for example, your class is to be held in Ampère you will have to follow the route indicated by the red dotted line. Do you need to be in Tellegen Hall? Make sure you follow the route indicated by the light blue dotted line. If you forget your route or get confused, make sure to scan the QR-codes located throughout the building.

To make sure everyone stays healthy and safe, it is of great importance that you adhere to the various walking routes. Be on time and make sure to leave the building, following the proper route, immediately after attending a lecture.

CH, ETV, /Pub, Studieverzameling

The virus can spread more easily in groups of people, and finding the source of an infection and tracking contacts is increasingly difficult when large numbers of people have been together. The government broadcast an urgent message on August 18 calling on people to limit the number of people gathered (e.g. at parties, family gatherings, afternoon drinks) to six. This limit also applies to student association Christiaan Huygens (CH) and the Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV). /Pub and the Studieverzameling will also remain closed on Monday August 31. From the aforementioned date onwards, reopening will be considered on a weekly basis.

Rapid Response Team

The faculty has initiated a Rapid Response team. This team consists of EEMCS employees with specialised skills to deal with crisis situations. The Rapid Response team is on continuous standby in case a quick response is required. After every call, the team will take the time to do a joint evaluation which will give all those involved an opportunity to provide feedback. This will increase the safety of students and employees. The Rapid Response team can be reached via the following email address or (in case of emergency) phone number +31 (0)15 27 89803.