EEMCS Task Forces

TU Delft has recently set up five task forces. These task forces are deliberating about the resumption of our academic lives. They will spend the coming period answering such questions as What do we do with teaching for which there is no (or no suitable) online alternative? and Which rooms meet the criteria of social distancing? But also: How do we optimally guide and support our students?
Because all these questions affect everything we do, EEMCS has also set up various teams. If you have suggestions for input for one of these teams, don’t hesitate to e-mail the respective chair of the team. Your ideas are always welcome!

EEMCS Corona Coordination Team
  • John Schmitz (Chair/Dean)
  • Chairs of the EEMCS task forces
  • Ank Voets (Assistant to the Dean)
  • Frans Broos (Faculty ICT Manager)
  • Geert-Jan Houben (Director of Education)
  • Lonneke Klijnsmit (Communications Manager)
  • Karin Reijenga (HR Advisor)
  • Alan Hanjalic (Departmental Director)
Educational quality and design
  • Anita Coetzee (Chair/Manager E&SA)
  • Geurt Jongbloed (Departmental Director)
  • Arie van Deursen (Departmental Director)
  • Said Hamdioui (Departmental Director)
  • Johanetta Gordijn (Senior Educational Advisor)
  • René van Swaaij (Director of Studies)
  • Rik Lopuhaa (Director of Studies)
  • Andy Zaidman (Director of Studies)
  • Bart Cox and David Sarkisian (FSR)
  • Jennifer Achterhof (Assistant to the Faculty Secretary)
Building Management and Facilities
  • Erik de Vos (Chair/Housing Advisor EEMCS)
  • Kofi Makinwa (Departmental Director)
  • Miro Zeman (Departmental Director)
  • Marga van Hagen (Coordinator Facilities)
    (In coordination with Dana/Jeroen)
  • Diane Vedder (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Paul de Wit (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Margot Witteveen (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Philip Groet (FSC)
  • Chris Verhoeven (Associate Professor/OdC)
  • Jennifer Achterhof (Assistant to the Faculty Secretary)
Work and Welfare
  • Marjolein van der Heijden (Chair/ HR Advisor)
  • Arie van Deursen (Departmental Director)
  • Dana Shani Kadmiel (HSE Advisor)
  • Cynthia Liem (Assistant Professor/OdC)
  • Christine Anyansi (PhD Candidate)
  • Neil Yorke-Smith (Associate Professor)
Students and Welfare
  • Miriam Heemskerk (Chair/HR Advisor)
  • Justin van Til (SEA MSc SET)
  • Sam Aanhane (ETV BSc EE)
  • Luise Zwep en Bram van Kooten (CH)
  • Anne Aarts (Communication Specialist)
  • Nadyne Aretz - FSC (CSE student)
  • Mariëlle Nijsten (ESA MSc counsel)
  • Stijn van Mierlo (ESA BSc counsel)
  • Jennifer Achterhof (Assistant to the Faculty Secretary)