Working from home

Point of departure

Our point of departure is that together we will try to suppress the spread of the virus. This means that meeting in groups larger than six people is unwise. Everyone who can work from home works from home. This applies to both students and employees.

We are aware that the corona crisis has taken a toll of both our students and employees. Some have become exhausted both physically and emotionally. Because we find the wellbeing of our EEMCS’ers extremely important, the faculty maintains that every employee must have the opportunity to work at the campus on a regular basis. If you would rather work at the office because your home situation is not ideal for work or because you need to complete a practical assignment, please contact your section leader, manager or department secretary. He or she can make a tailored decision about this.

ICT manuals for working from home


Important: Only use the citrix environment for activities for which is absolutely necessary!

TU Delft has a limited number of licenses for Citrix. As a result only a limited number of users can be logged in at Citrix at the same time. We therefore ask you to only use Citrix when there are no other possibilities to access your applications. After using Citrix do not forget to log out so others can use it as well.

In the working from home instruction (PDF) you can read how to acquire the right software when working from home without using the Citrix environment.

Microsoft Teams

All employees and students of TU Delft have a license to use Microsoft Teams. In order to log on to Teams you have to use your NetID. New students will receive their license once their enrolment in the university is official. Staff members who wish to keep in contact, share documents and manage projects can use Microsoft Teams for these purposes. Microsoft Teams enables you to video chat, text or share files.

Skype for Business

Software for Skype for Business can be downloaded here:

The manual can be found here:

Signing up
To sign up for Skype for Business please follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your TU Delft e-mail address and click on Advanced options
  2. At Username fill in: DASTUD\username of your netid and click on Save
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Write your password of your NETID and click on Sign in

More ICT manuals

For a wide range of ICT manuals please visit: