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03 December 2020

TU Delft appoints ‘Pro Vice-Rector’ of AI, Data and Digitalisation

The Executive Board of TU Delft has appointed Professor Geert-Jan Houben as Pro Vice-Rector Magnificus of Artificial Intelligence, Data and Digitalisation (PVR AI) with effect from 1 December 2020. In this role Houben will be leading the TU Delft AI Initiative and promoting regional, national and international co-operation on this theme.

23 November 2020

Photovoltatronics: smart solar cells that talk to each other

Imagine you’re looking at a skyscraper. Every single piece of their surface is generating and storing its own electricity!

20 November 2020

Team ZED from the Delft University of Technology has won 4TU Impact Challenge

Team ZED has won the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge and goes to the World Expo in Dubai.

17 November 2020

Georgios Andreadis: TU Delft Best Graduate

Today, at the online TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony 2020, eight recently graduated engineers presented their research and results of their excellent master thesis. Georgios Andreadis, graduate of the Faculty of EEMCS received the prestigious title TU Delft Best Graduate.

03 November 2020

Successful international conference on the future of smart grids

The 10th edition of the IEEE PES ISGT Europe Conference, a flagship conference of IEEE Power & Energy Society, was hosted by the TU Delft this year. It was very successfully organized in a virtual fashion. Participants joined from 47 different countries, spread over five continents, with more than 30% having an affiliation outside Europe.

16 October 2020

University satellite in space for 12.5 years

Since April 2008, the first Dutch-made university satellite has been in orbit around the earth. In a new episode of De ProfCast Chris Verhoeven talks about the origins and relevance of Delfi-C3.

30 September 2020

Lucas van Vliet appointed Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)

16 September 2020

TU Delft launches tool to calculate energy yield of solar panels

The installation of solar panels is one of the many ways to make the built environment more sustainable. However, the investment required to purchase and install the panels can prevent homeowners, businesses and governments from taking the risk. The efficiency of the solar panels depends on many factors, like the location and the angle in which they are installed. Therefore, researchers at TU Delft have now developed a calculation tool that can accurately calculate how long it takes to recoup the purchase of the panels.

04 September 2020

Game Boy forever! Thanks to intermittent computing

A hand-held videogame console allowing indefinite gameplay may be a parent’s worst nightmare. But it is not a toy! It is a scientific tool, developed by researchers from TU Delft and Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) who decided to push the boundaries of batteryless intermittent computing into the realm of fun and interaction. It is also another step towards a sustainable future.

29 July 2020

TU Delft opens up 16 positions for Assistant Professors in AI (related) research

TU Delft announced it is recruiting 16 talented researchers to become a member of a thriving Artificial Intelligence (AI) community that fosters cross-fertilisation between talents with different expertise and disciplines. The positions are aimed at both AI experts as well as those who wish to apply AI in their Science, Technology, Engineering or Design field.