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11 January 2019

Marcel Reinders new director of Delft Bioengineering Institute

21 December 2018

Are we unravelling Alzheimer's disease in Delft?

As our average life expectancy rises, an increasing number of people are developing Alzheimer’s disease. In 20 years’ time, 500,000 people in the Netherlands are expected to be affected by this brain disease, which is still incurable.

11 December 2018

First books published in TU Delft Open Textbook project

On 12 December 2018, the TU Delft Library will present the first open textbooks to be developed as part of the project of the same name. A wide range of educational material including lecture notes, old examinations and video recordings is already available as OpenCourseWare, as is the material in the MOOCs (free online courses).

10 December 2018

Cognizant and Delft University of Technology are stepping up to the next level of Cyber Physical Systems

04 December 2018

Catholijn Jonker doet mee aan de Nationale Wetenschapsquiz

Op zaterdag 29 december start weer de Nationale Wetenschapsquiz op televisie bij de VPRO.

30 November 2018

Opening HollandPTC

On Friday 30 November, the festive opening celebration of HollandPTC will take place in the Prinsenhof museum in Delft. Recently patients are being treated with proton therapy, a new form of radiotherapy against cancer for the Netherlands, in the outpatient centre HollandPTC located on the campus of the TU Delft. Parallel to these treatments, TU Delft is working together in HollandPTC with the LUMC and Erasmus MC medical centres on innovations in the care of cancer patients. Treatment, education and research go hand in hand to achieve better and responsible care.

29 November 2018

Passionate about science communication? We’re looking for FameLab candidates!

If you think you can explain a scientific concept, on stage, to a general audience in just 3 minutes - or if you want to learn how to do this! - , then register for the TU Delft FameLab heat.

03 October 2018

Finding the sweet spot for transparency and control in music recommendations

In music recommender systems, it’s important to design user control that hits the sweet spot between the perceived quality of recommendations and acceptable cognitive load, concludes TU Delft researcher Nava Tintarev. Together with colleagues from KU Leuven, and research with the Spotify API, she will present these findings at the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems in Vancouver, on Wednesday October 3rd.

29 September 2018

Student-built Delft exoskeleton wins international Cybathlon

The new MARCH III by TU Delft student team Project MARCH has won the Cybathlon Experience in Düsseldorf, the international obstacle race for exoskeletons. Entrants from several countries competed in the test of robotic harnesses for people with paraplegia, ending on 29 September. Together with ‘pilot’ Sjaan Quirijns, who has had paraplegia since 2000, MARCH III achieved the fastest time and the highest number of points. Thanks to improvements to the suit and intensive training of its wearer, the team successfully completed a four-obstacle course in just under 9.5 minutes. Project MARCH gained particular plaudits for the independent functioning of its device.

24 September 2018

KNAW selected Kofi Makinwa as a new member

Prof. Dr. Kofi Makinwa, Professor Electronic Instrumentation and chair of the Micro Electronic department to the faculty of EEMCS, is selected as a new member of The Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Members of the KNAW, leading scientists from all disciplines, are chosen on their scientific achievements. The new academy members will be installed in September.