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17 September 2017

Students Delft & Amsterdam win cycle race in USA and set new Dutch speed record

Cyclist Aniek Rooderkerken broke the Dutch speed record for women last Saturday, clocking 121.5 km/h to win the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in the Nevada desert. In this competition for the most innovative cycles and riders from all over the world, Rooderkerken was riding the VeloX 7: a high-tech aerodynamic recumbent bike designed and built by the Human Power Team, a group of students from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam.

06 September 2017

Homebase Blockchain Coalition opened

On 4 September, the new ‘homebase’ (office) of the Blockchain Coalition was taken into use.

01 September 2017

First steps with new exoskeleton for paraplegics build by TU Delft students

On Thursday 31 August, Project MARCH, a team of students from TU Delft, took the first steps with their new exoskeleton, the MARCH II.

20 July 2017

Can data research bring unregistered young people back onto the radar?

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities plans to put 'Big, Open and Linked Data’ techniques to a new use. It aims to use data research to help track down young people who are not in employment or in receipt of benefits, no longer attend school, and are not officially registered.

18 July 2017

New partnership faculty EEMCS and Beijing Institute of Technology

On July 18, a delegation of EEMCS visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

27 June 2017

New space camera system with almost 1000 pixels now mature enough

Researchers from various institutions, including SRON and Delft University of Technology, have demonstrated that it is possible to make a highly sensitive space camera for far-infrared astronomy by using a special type of superconducting detector.

13 June 2017

EEMCS in concert

Last week, during IFOT, 'EEMCS in Concert' took place. A unique concert with performances by students and staff of this faculty. They combined music and technology in a smart way. The special effects were quite impressive in the dark. On YouTube you can find a couple of video's from the concert.

13 June 2017

Mathematical models for healing burns

Daniël Koppenol, together with Fred Vermolen (both TU Delft), has developed various mathematical models to simulate the healing of wounds, in particular burns, with the aim of improving healing. As Vermolen points out, collaboration between the disciplines of mathematics, biology and medicine is still in its infancy, but it would offer great opportunities. Koppenol has been awarded a PhD for this work at TU Delft on Thursday, 15 June.

13 June 2017

Opening BiFacial PV Park

Friday 9th June was the day of the grand opening of the largest PV system with so-called bifacial modules, the grounds of Tempress in Vaasen. The Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group is involved with this project and Arthur Weeber gave a presentation on behalf of TU Delft and ECN.

08 June 2017

Fourth Alzheimer’s gene discovered

For the first time in nearly 30 years, a gene has been identified that is linked to the development of a hereditary form of Alzheimer’s disease.