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21 November 2013

Eternal Sun wins the Global Ideas Award at the Clean Tech Open Global Forum 2013

02 October 2013

Dutch government gives quantum computer the go ahead

20 September 2013

Students break 0-100 acceleration world record

11 September 2013

TU Delft's MOOCs to start with around 65,000 participants

23 August 2013

New nanomaterial increases yield of solar cells

05 August 2013

TU Delft racing team wins world title again

29 July 2013

TU Delft improves production of hydrogen from sunlight

26 June 2013

Launch of Digital Delta: large-scale research project for smarter water management

27 May 2013

Vliegende haaien bij ‘Model in 1 dag’ van TU Delft

21 February 2013

TU Delft to offer online courses in consortium with MIT and Harvard

05 February 2013

Vici grant for Eelco Visser

01 February 2013

People in disaster areas are not helpless victims but useful informants

10 January 2013

Chinese research organisation opens office at TU Delft

19 December 2012

Tribler Mobile: share videos, even without the internet

14 December 2012

TU Delft robotics research under one roof in new Delft Robotics Institute

30 November 2012

Joost de Groot best teacher at TU Delft; Robert Mans best graduate

04 July 2012

Reinier de Graaf Groep invests in innovative 3-D technology

14 May 2012

Smart measuring with rubber ducks and floats

07 May 2012

Kick-off Delft Urban Water Centre May 29th

26 January 2012

TU Delft students present home care robot