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22 February 2017

"We have developed an efficient numerical algorithm for the complex inter-reactions between solid and fluid"

PhD candidate Peiyao Luo (Numerical Analyses / Kees Oosterlee) is one of the winners of the 2017 Student Paper Competition at the Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods.

22 February 2017

"I have seen a lot of students that wrote papers, but never students in their second year"

Moritz Beller and Andy Zaidman (Software Technology) are amazed by a group of five CS students. The students wrote a Tool Demo Paper based on their submission in the annual Context Project, in which students work on a piece of software. The paper has been admitted and is now one of the top two submissions at the International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering, which is taking place this week in Klagenfurt, Austria. The can write a blog post about their paper that will be published on IEEE Software.

21 February 2017

"I enjoy tackling issues regarding algorithmic transparency, and tailored information presentation"

Nava Tintarev has joined the Web Information Systems group, as an assistant professor and Delft Technology Fellow. She studies how to best present and adapt the presentation of complex data (using both natural language generation, and visualizations) in artificial advice giving systems.

17 February 2017

"I am an expert in the reliability of components and materials in high voltage energy networks"

Rob Ross is now part-time professor in the DC systems, Energy Conversion & Storage group. He has a background in materials, high voltage and statistics and works in the Supernet NL project on the superconductive cable, which may replace the power pylons in the future.

16 February 2017

"I do have to share the credits for my silver penny"

Arnold Heemink (Mathematical Physics) is humble when he talks about his silver penny that he received in honor of the promotion of his 50th PhD candidate.

16 February 2017

Else Kooi Award for PhD Electronic Research Laboratory group

The 2017 Else Kooi Award has been granted to Dr Massoud Tohidian for his scientific research on high-performance super-heterodyne receivers that are implemented using a minimum of analog circuits. Massoud Tohidian obtained his PhD in September 2015 at the Electronics Research Laboratory group of the EEMCS Faculty, Delft University of Technology.

16 February 2017

New research film faculty of EEMCS

A new research film of our faculty is available online. Three of our themes are highlighted in this film: Health, Data Science and Energy Transition, in nine current research programs. You can watch and share the film via YouTube.

26 January 2017

"At the time they thought that a maximum of 65,000 people would use the internet"

Niels van Adrichem (Network Architectures and Services // Fernando Kuipers / Piet Van Mieghem) has obtained his doctorate on Feb 3rd with his thesis on how to improve the outdated architecture of the internet.

24 January 2017

"We aimed to invent a microwave microscope and it works!"

Rui Hou (ELCA / Leo de Vreede) has obtained his doctorate on 24 January with his thesis on an energy efficient infrastructure to support 5G. He developed a microwave microscope to observe circuits while they are operating 'on the side'.

20 January 2017

“I’ve created a model to calculate whether an airplane will remain stable when it flies through the sound barrier. It’s an alternative to expensive wind tunnel tests”.

Thea Vuik (Mathematical Physics / Arnold Heemink) will obtain her doctorate on 24 January with her thesis on how to detect shock waves using multiwavelets and outlier detection.

18 January 2017

Seminar Data Science and Smart Culture 24 January

On Tuesday 24 January Delft Data Science (DDS) organises the seminar Data Science and Smart Culture.

17 January 2017

"My wife and I actually ended up in Delft by chance"

Faruk Uysal recently joined our faculty as a tenure tracker at Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems.

16 January 2017

'Charging of electric vehicles while driving will soon become a reality'

Pavol Bauer (Electrical Sustainable Energy) is involved in an H2020 project with 13 partners focusing on the metrology for inductive charging based on resonant coupling.

16 January 2017

'A need to amplify and combine to enable 5G in higher frequencies'

Our society's social and streaming behaviour speeds up the need for 5G. Marco Spirito, Daniele Cavallo, Masoud Babaie and Andrea Neto (Microelectronics) are all working on the 'key building' blocks that will enable 5G systems in the near future. Advanced 5G solutions are targeted in the WhALE project (WAtt LEvel transmitters at mm-waves), which is backed by STW.

13 January 2017

'We have created a new speech audibility standard'

Richard Hendriks and Richard Heusdens (Circuits and Systems) have, together with PhD candidate Cees Taal and colleagues, worked on a new speech audibility standard for hearing aids : how intelligible is speech with background noices at, for example, a party.