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More quants, please

The new mathematical brains in our financial world are nowhere near dangerous. We need them!

Just look at China!

Instead of looking at Google

Cheap and environmental friendly silicon chips printed on paper

Scientists at TU Delft have succeeded in printing a silicon chip on paper rather than on the usual plastic.

Solving the puzzle: a small scanner for suspicious moles

From cleanroom to boardroom

The future of the organ-on-chip-technology

Electrical implants

You CAN touch this

The Tactile Internet will break the barriers of the internet as we know it.

The power of small numbers

Marcel Reinders, professor at TU Delft, conducts research in bioinformatics and explains about development in singe cell data analysis

Smart sensors with impact

Professor Kofi Makinwa builds sensors based on chiptechnoloy. One of his achievments is a wind sensor without moving parts.

The DESHIMA guide to the galaxy

Once it all works, we will be able to create 3D maps of star systems, allowing us to look back in time and space.

"Why we should all change our online selves into 'John Doe'"

All the data that we share via social media or give to online services such as purchasing, is stored somewhere.

Bringing the medical world into science non-fiction

Cutting people open is outdated

Will the Terminator come to life?

Will humans become cyborgs by 2050? If they do, is that such a bad thing? Wouter Serdijn, Professor in Bio-Electronics at TU Delft, is thinking out loud.

The Earth's youngest animal species

Some of the animals are a metre in length and others just the size of a matchbox. Some can fly, others walk or swim.

Next generation: solar cells as construction materials

It will be possible to use highly-efficient soalr cells of the future almost anywhere

The indispensable skill in technical and economic studies

Computational Science bridges the gap between Mathematics and Computer Science for engineering purposes.

Electric transport

Now is the time to get ready for the wide-scale introduction of electric vehicles in our cities and in our electrical power systems.

Forecasting gigantic ash clouds

Huge ash clouds are an impressive sight, but it also can cause a great deal of disruption an entailed significant costs

Healthy mathematics

Since the advent of medical imaging, several decades ago, applications have been introduced in the form of models.

Digital remote passenger scanning

Nuria Llombart is working on innovative airport security techniques. In the future, you will be remotely scanned for concealed objects before you even reach the traditional scanner.

Start spreading the news

A social data science expert explains how to tackle the grizzly problem of fake news.

Robots are a new species

Robots should be part of society.

Trailblazers of the wireless revolution

A vision of the future: a completely wireless world, in the fields of both communications and energy.

From gamification to blended learning

Here are five examples of educational innovations from EEMCS.

Extreme weather

How can we improve the quality of short-term forecasts of extreme weather?

Self-driving cars: the next major technological revolution

Grandpa, did you have to drive a car yourself?!?

A robot friend for ill children

Several aspects of this project make it even more emotive than all the other projects we have done involving the robot and children.

Bursting filter bubbles

A familiar example: you are comparing hotel prices for a business trip, and your screen is subsequently overrun with advertisements for hotel providers.

‘We could discover something that could change our whole view of the universe’

Dr Akira Endo is working on a brand-new measuring instrument that should lead to great improvements in how astronomers study the most active galaxies.