Lab Access

Lab Access for TU Delft users

Prerequisite: you must have a valid campus card.
For access to EKL laboratories, follow this procedure:

  1. Discuss with EKL what you would like to do.
    Contact Silvana Milosavljevic (Manager Education).
  2. Follow the Safety and Introduction training
    Apply here. The course instructors will send you further information and instructions.
  3. Register in  NanoLabNL Information System
    The course instructors will give you registration instructions.
  4. Submit the EKL Access Form
    Download the form here. Fill in the form, have it signed, scan as a pdf file, and send it by e-mail to

    Access to the labs will be granted if applicant has passed Safety Training and if EKL Access form has been accepted. Access is given by the EKL secretary Bianca Knot or, in her absence, by Vincent van Croonenburg.
    In addition to Access rights, you also need tool rights. To get tool rights, you may need additional training. This will be discussed at step 1.

Lab Access for non-TU Delft users

Please send an access request to to discuss terms of access.

Background information: EKL Access Policy

EKL grants access rights according to the EKL Lab Access and Access Card Policy. To receive access rights, persons must satisfy a number of criteria, mainly related to safety and administration.

  EKL Access Policy