The ESP Lab is a unique combination of facilities: there is no other laboratory where these research set-ups combine forces under one roof.

Power generation, conversion and storage facilities, grid and microgrid components, power facilities for high, medium and low voltages, and extensive ICT facilities enable us to research under one roof both the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and its use by households and companies.

Discover it for yourself!

This 360° rendition allows you to explore the ESP Lab for yourself.

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The control room of the future

Digitisation is essential for modernising the electricity grid, but also exposes this vital infrastructure to cyber attacks. In our “control room of the future” we enhance the cyber security and resilience of the electricity grid.


Digital twin

The “digital twin” is a computer simulation of the entire electricity grid of the Netherlands. In this environment, major and minor changes to the grid can be tested freely without damaging anything.