The digital twin

Obviously, we’re not allowed to tinker with the real electricity grid, so we have to do it this way.”

Professor Peter Palensky, Intelligent Electrical Power Grids

A digital testing environment

The “digital twin” is a large computer simulation of the entire electricity grid of the Netherlands. We use it to test the reliability and security of the current and future grid in terms of major and minor changes in technology and policy, without running the risk of damaging anything. This means that we can go ahead and test whether the grid in the Netherlands will be capable of withstanding a new wind farm off the coast of Zandvoort, and how we can ensure that everyone will be able to charge their electric vehicles in the future.

Room for innovation

The research will not only include how the existing electricity grid in the Netherlands will respond to stimuli or shocks such as new wind farms or foreign cyber attacks, there will also be innovations. For example, we will determine whether we can develop an alternative electricity grid that’s more adapted to the modern age.

Curious how we can innovate together?

Peter Palensky

Discover it for yourself!

This 360° rendition allows you to explore the digital twin for yourself.

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