Start your innovation

The ESP Lab conducts applied research to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Do you dare to work with us on the electricity grid of the future?

Dare to grow

The energy transition requires action, and the ESP Lab provides an opportunity to gather validated knowledge on what works and what does not more quickly. Also, our research includes the impact of energy innovations at the scales of suburbs, cities, regions and the country as a whole, which is being made predictable based on models. This accelerates large-scale application in practice.

Dare to be smarter

As all components are constantly connected to each other, it is important to test the effects of changes on the energy system as a whole. Thanks to the ESP Lab’s infrastructure, this is now possible. By making use of already invested high-tech resources, efficient and effective research can be conducted into the future energy system.

Dare to take action

Using the ESP Lab’s expertise, lab facilities, and digital models, any research question can be studied and scaled up through practical research and experiments. We confront complex and urgent societal challenges by consolidating knowledge, expertise and investment capacity.

Are you curious how we can innovate together?

Miro Zeman

Professor Photovoltaic Materials & Devices and Departemental Director of Electrical Sustainable Energy